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Age of the Kingdom

Award-winning Biblical Historical Fiction Series
by Gary L. Ivey

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Age of the Kingdom

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“…because it is God’s Kingdom, after all.”

Quest for a King won the Gold Medal for Adult Fiction in 2023 from Christian Book Awards. Exile of the King also won it in 2024.

CBA Gold Seal

Quest also was a Finalist in AmericanBookFest.com’s Best Book Awards in the Religious Fiction category.


Book One:
Quest for a King
Available Now!

“…like an Old Testament The Chosen.”

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Ancient biblical city
The prophe
King Saul

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Human Drama

1,000 BC

Political Intrigue

“A remarkably ambitious saga exploring the lives of a complex array of Biblical and non-Biblical characters. Quest for a King follows several generations of families, some mentioned in the stories of 1st and 2nd Samuel, some not. Deeply researched, the book evokes with remarkable specificity these ordinary and extraordinary people living in ancient Israel, as their lives are swept up and overturned by the move of God and the forces of history.”

Terry R. Freeman, BA, MBA, CG, Genealogist, Historian, Author.

CBA Gold Seal

“I read [Quest for a King] cover to cover in one sitting… it is impossible to put down.

“…I wish I’d had this when I was young. I would have understood biblical history so much better.”

Brett Goldberg, author, A Psalm in Jenin, entreprenuer.

David's Tower in Jerusalem

Quest for a King

A catastrophic battle sets in motion events that birth Israel’s first monarchy, but the king’s fecklessness puts the fate of the nation in doubt. Can Israel’s fledgling kingdom survive attacks from wihout and rivals within?

No one escapes the palace intrigue, divided loyalties and tribal battles that characterized life 3,000 years ago. In the events leading to the crowning of Israel’s first king, tragedy befalls a cursed family of priests, and the rise of a charismatic hero drives a wedge between brothers, sons of Eldad, metalsmith-turned-soldiers from Mizpah.

Quest for a King, book one of the “Age of the Kingdom” Series, “…takes the biblical storyline of Israel’s quest for a king and makes it come alive.”

Book One:
Quest for a King

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Coming Dec. 1, 2023!

Book Three:
The Eternal Kingdom

Book Four:

Book Five:
Power and Glory

Book Six:

Gary L. Ivey is also developing “Age of the Kingdom” as a TV Series. The pilot episode script, “Lost Glory,” has already been honored at several film festivals.

Semi Finalist Santa Monica Film Awards
Best Script - Christian Film Festival
Best Movie Poster - Christian Film Festival
Nominee - Branson Film Festival
Christian Family Film Festival Laurels
Official Nominee - ICFF

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“Get Ready for a Wild Ride!”

“Author meticulously conducted his research for his book, reminding me of a well-developed Grisham-like novel. Hope another book is in the works.”

“…environmental terrorists, murder, politics, moral integrity, a female heroine, hard-core work ethics, and a splash of love made for a great read!”

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